How To Start Webcam Modeling:
Girls and guys age 18+ who are interested in Adult Cam Modeling will need basic Webcam Modeling Equipment consisting of a PC, laptop or Mac computer with a webcam and microphone. Access to high Internet speed of at least 0.6 Mbps or higher is a must to provide high quality adult video stream.

What is criteria for Webcam Modeling with
* Attractive female or male at least 18 years of age or older
* Hold valid government issued photo ID as proof of age
* Open minded
* Ambitious and disciplined to work for a living
* Comfortable in front of a webcam streaming live for paying clients

Personal identity and personal information remain strictly confidential.
Your personal information at will never be used for anything other than your initial application, webcam model setup once approved and earnings payouts. We will never release your personal information to anyone unless absolutely required to do so by law.

Can cam voyeur members find out where I am located?
Absolutely not! The personal information of all cam models remains strictly confidential.

Does allow couples or group webcam modeling accounts?
Absolutely! Sexy Cam Hotties has a huge demand for couples consisting of both same sex as well as, opposite sex. An individual can only appear in a show as a webcam model AFTER the model application is processed and approved. If you are found to have someone in your show that is not approved, your account will be deactivated, immediately.

Does offer training?
After a model is approved, they are assigned an agent to assist the adult model, along the way. Approved models have unlimited access to extensive amounts of information to assist them for Webcam Modeling.

While I am working for, will I be asked to pose in the nude?
Each client has their own desires however generally Internet webcam models with are asked to pose nude as it is considered, part of the job. Internet webcam models need to tell clients up front, what they will or will not do to avoid any misunderstanding during a private session.

Will I be able to hide my face?
No, you cannot. Clients will not be willing to pay for a private session with someone who is afraid to show their face since showing your face is part of the job. Clients want to see your face before they decide to pay you for a private session so they will need to see your face in guest chat as well. If you are worried someone will recognize you then working as an adult cam model is not for you.

Webcam Modeling Equipment

Working for, how much can I potentially make while Webcam Modeling?
Internet Webcam Models earn on average 80 cents per minute or on average 25% of the per minute rate a model charges for each client in a Premium Chat session and on average can earn $1.00 per minute for Exclusive chat sessions based on Webcam Models rates if they are set at $3.19 per minute for Premium Chat and $3.99 per minute for Exclusive Chat. While in Premium Chat, Webcam Models can have more than one client in their private room at the same time with no limit to number of simultaneous clients in their private room at the same time. For example: if a Webcam Model has 10 clients in their private room at the same time, the model would be earning $8.00 per minute. A weekly average based on Webcam Models rates specified: a Webcam Model who puts in a total of 25 hours in Private Chat during any week, say 15 of those Private Session hours are in Premium Chat for earnings of $720.00 and 10 of those Private Session hours are in Exclusive Chat for earnings of $600.00; total average earnings for example shown would be $1320.00 a week. What each Webcam Model makes depends on the actual model. Whatever the model makes working for our Network is more than you would make working as a Webcam Model anywhere else due to the fact that you will receive the highest adult traffic from our Network, versus anywhere else.

Are Adult Models expected to pay a fee to get or maintain this job and if not, how does make money by me being a Webcam Model with you?
Our Webcam Models are never charged any fee, at any time, period. share in overall revenue from our Webcam Models Network which means the model is never charged for any of our services.

As a Webcam Model for, where does a Cam Model work from?
Where ever you desire as long as you have access to high speed Internet and equipment needed to do the job. Generally, Webcam Models work right from their home, dorm room if you are in college or where ever you live as long as you have privacy needed while you are streaming live.

Working as a Webcam Model for, how many hours per week do I need to work?
Zero to 168; zero of course means you need to get another job since you will not earn anything from unless you work. And, unless you don’t want to sleep, the 168 hours is working 7 days a week/ 24 hours a day meaning – there is no limit to the number of hours a Web Cam Model can work per week. Each Webcam Model sets their own schedule. Each Webcam Model should keep in mind that the number of hours worked will reflect on how much is earned.

Rules For Webcam Modeling

How often do Internet Webcam Models get paid?
Answer on Frequently Asked Questions

What Payout methods are available?
Answer on Frequently Asked Questions

Do you hold back Payouts or deduct for Chargebacks?
Answer on Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum a webcam model must earn before Payout is made?
Answer on Frequently Asked Questions

How are Webcam Models earnings reported to the IRS by
U.S. based Webcam Model must complete a W9 form since we are required by law to submit a 1099 to you, for a total of your annual earnings, to the IRS. The 1099 form will be issued to you, by our parent company YOLO Media Group, LLC.  

What are the rules for Web Cam Modeling?
Approved cam models will have access to a complete list of rules from inside their Models Area but, here are a few general rules to follow:
* Do not divulge personal email, phone number or address to anyone – this is for your own safety;
* Do not allow individuals to appear in your show unless approved for a couples account with you or you received prior approval from the Network;
* Do not be rude to clients or other models;
* Do not make derogatory comments about other webcam models;
* Do not do anything illegal in your chat area.

Failure to follow these and additional rules listed inside the Models Area will result in suspension or permanent termination of your account with

Will I be able to block certain locations from seeing my show?
Absolutely! Webcam Models at can block visitors by Country, City and State and create up to 5 blocked areas which can be edited or removed at any time. HOWEVER; blocking any area is not something we recommend for Cam Hotties since you will see a drop in traffic because your model name will not come up when searched. We suggest you only use this option if an absolute must.

If someone does a background check on me, how does this job appear?
Any records will show you work for our parent company YOLO Media Group, LLC.

What company name will process my payouts?
YOLO Media Group, LLC

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