Adult Cam Modeling GuideAdult Cam Modeling Guide

Webcam Modeling Requirements and what you need to work an Adult Webcam Model job:

* Attractive female or male – very conscious of your appearance, age 18+ with valid government issued photo ID – valid photo ID, drivers’ license or passport as proof of age.
* Computer: PC, laptop computer or Mac with Windows 98 or newer operating system; P4 dual core processor or higher; 1GB ram or more.
* High speed Internet plugged into a router or modem with minimum Internet UPLOAD speed of at least 0.6 Mbps – the higher, the better. WiFi or wireless Internet IS NOT sufficient for live streaming video.
* Good quality Microphone and Webcam - preferably High Definition – we recommend Logitech 9000 series HD Webcam.
* Cam models must be ambitious, open-minded, friendly and comfortable performing live sex shows in front of a webcam as well as engaging in live sex chat with voyeur members from all around the world.

Webcam Models Application ProcessWebcam Models Application Process

Part of the Webcam Models application process with will require individuals to upload a CLEAR/LEGIBLE picture of your ID and a CLEAR/LEGIBLE picture of you holding your ID beside your face. Upon completion of taking these photos, BEFORE you upload them to us - if you cannot easily read all info on the ID – our underwriters will not be able to read the info on your ID either and your application will be rejected. The rejection of an application delays your application process. There is no substitute for a CLEAR/LEGIBLE picture and it is easy to see whether you can read it or not.

To speed up your Webcam Model Application process, send only CLEAR/LEGIBLE pictures of your valid government issued photo ID as well as a CLEAR/LEGIBLE picture of you holding your ID beside your face.

Adult Webcam Model ApplicationAdult Webcam Model Applicationp

If you have an HD webcam, you can take pictures required during the application process by using our software provided during the Webcam Model Application process with You will need to upload 3 photos of your face as part of your profile. Each Application picture file you submit to can be no larger than 1.5MB. Uploaded files during your Adult Webcam Model application must be one of the following file formats: .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .tif or .tiff. No other file format is acceptable.