While processing your adult cam model application for a webcam modeling job through be sure all information you submit is accurate. To qualify as a cam model or cam girl, you must be age 18+. Take your time when you are completing your webcam model application through which is part of adult cam modeling network. When you submit a complete webcam model application, our processing team will be able to approve you for an Internet webcam model job faster.

A thorough cam model application greatly reduces the time needed to approve your adult job request. Once your approved, your can start working as a cam girl or cam guy within a few hours. As part of the vast adult cam modeling industry, we aim to get you working on cam as quickly as possible and start making serious jack.

Throughout the webcam modeling application process, double check information you enter for accuracy. During the review process by our processing team, a complete application with perfect pictures and legible valid government issued ID tells us that you are serious about wanting an adult cam model job. If all information and pictures you submit meet our standards, you will receive our stamp of approval on your webcam model application. Once approved, you will receive your webcam model login information and are given the go-ahead to begin your new cam modeling career.

The Internet Cam Model application process is very simple. The speed in which you are approved begins with you as to how thorough you are when you complete your Adult Webcam Model application.

We have very high regard for our processing team. Our team reviews many cam model applications daily and job #1 is being thorough with each and every one of them. It is their job – with their asses on the line - to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Their job is to make sure every cam model application is complete and meets all required criteria per the law.

The cam modeling industry is highly regulated and in order to qualify as a model within the WaveSide Entertainment network, our team requires all T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted to comply, with no exception.

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Be sure to add to your address book and your safe mail list so that you receive our email correspondence. Be sure to check your spam folder in case our email was sent there, by your email provider.

We assure you - we will not send you useless emails – we don’t have time for such nonsense. Any email you receive from us is very important so, be sure to take the time to thoroughly read any email we send you for important account info or a Network update. On a rare occasion if we cannot reach you by email because we receive no response from you or your email bounced back, we may have to contact you by phone which means a valid phone number is vital. Again, we will not make useless phone calls – we certainly have no time for that either so, make sure you provide a valid phone number.

When our processing team receives an incomplete application or illegible ID, your Internet Cam Model application comes to a screeching halt. Remember, approval of your application begins with you.

If your cam modeling application is rejected, our processing team will send an email to you explaining what is needed to process your application for a webcam model job with us. When you receive the rejection email, it’s up to you to provide requested information to finish your application. When you provide information requested, if everything is in order, you will then receive an approval to your cam model application. You’re now ready to broadcast your cam show and start making money as an Internet Cam Model.


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