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Qualifications for and what is needed for a successful Internet Webcam Models Career:

* Attractive female or male age 18+
* Ambitious and self-disciplined to work for yourself
* Enjoy talking to people in front of a live streaming webcam
* Attractive and takes pride in their appearance
* Open minded to new experiences
* Looking for an enjoyable job where you are your own boss
* Willing to put in the hours needed to earn top dollar for your time
* Want to work from the comfort of your own home and set your own schedule

Sexy Webcam HottiesSexy Webcam Hotties

WaveSide Entertainment Elite Adult Network provides the ultimate money making opportunity for ambitious, Adult Webcam Models who want to become part the largest network of adult websites on the Internet today - with over 5 million visitors per day! specializes in training and promoting our extensive network of Adult Webcam Models for the endless number of anxious clients that log in to chat with our models, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! When our Webcam Models are online streaming live, there is never a lack of potential clients. Adult Webcam Models working through will find there is never a shortage of customers willing to spend money on them while they are online, via live streaming video. Our top adult Webcam Models can make as much as $2,000 in a single day with this type of money being possible due to high volume of traffic. Additionally, our Webcam Models often have many paying clients in their premium chat room, at the same time. As we continuously expand our adult webcam model Network, models have the ability to reap the additional benefits of potentially increasing their earnings as well.

There is never a limit to the number of hours per day that our adult Webcam Models can be streaming live. The glory of this job is the more time our adult Webcam Models stream live, the more opportunity they have to increase their earnings by providing premium adult live streaming shows, for their clients.

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As an Adult Webcam Models for - clients will select you from our immense network of potential Webcam Models by clicking on a thumbnail of your profile picture. Our Adult Internet Webcam Models will chat with these clients using voice and/or text at the discretion of the client or availability of the Webcam Models equipment. Webcam Models do not begin to earn money until a client or several clients invite the model into a premium or exclusive chat session.

On average, Adult Webcam Models earn 80 cents per minute in Premium Chat based on Webcam Models rate being set at $3.19 per minute and on average, earn $1.00 per minute in Exclusive Chat sessions based on Webcam Models rate being set at $3.99 per minute.

For example; if a Webcam Model has 10 clients in a Premium Chat session, at the same time, the model would earn $8.00 per minute. Actual earnings will fluctuate per Webcam Model depending upon actual model per minute rate charged, the number of clients in a Premium Chat session at any given time and the length of time the Adult Webcam Model is in a Premium Chat session. It remains the discretion of the individual Webcam Model whether or not to do what is asked of them by their clients or guests. The more enticing the Webcam Model and the more exciting the show performed by the Webcam Model is for their client(s), the longer the Webcam Model will remain in private resulting in earning more money.
Listen, Webcam Models cannot charge $3.19 per minute for example and expect to keep the full amount. The Network incurs all expenses involved for Adult Webcam Models to stream live including but not limited to: bandwidth for Webcam Models to stream live to unlimited number of clients, advertising and server costs as well as, staff to maintain the Network, staff to support models, credit card fees, chargebacks and the list goes on and on. Additionally, the Network has to make a profit after all their expenses and paying the models or, they wouldn’t be in business, now would they?

Webcam Models with are free to end any session in their Premium Chat room or can block an unwanted guest at any time. The real identity of our Webcam Models remains private at all times, so there is no danger of being contacted outside of work and there is never any type of physical contact with clients since you are working on the Internet.

For the first two weeks after a model is approved, Webcam Models appear on the New Models page. From there on in, it is the Webcam Models responsibility to work hard and log online to stream live as often as possible to maintain a high ranking on the network to improve their chance to appear on the first two pages. After a model completes a private or exclusive session, they should ask clients to add them to their favorites and rank their performance, preferably with a five star rating. This action will assist the models to earn a higher ranking which provides you more exposure by placing the Webcam Model on page 1 or page 2 thus, increasing the models opportunity of higher earnings.