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Do you enjoy surfing the Internet? Am sure you are not surprised to know that millions of people surf the Internet every day and many of them are browsing the net in search of pretty girls and attractive guys – age 18+ - just like you. They are ordinary people, some are lonely, some are curious and others are just looking for a good time. The most interesting thing about these Internet surfers is that they are willing to pay good money to see sexy hotties on their computer screens.

We know you’ve run into a few webcam hotties as you’ve wandered about the Internet and we know that you are probably curious about how to get into this business – a business that earns hard working girls and guys potentially up to as much as $2000 a day. You are probably already a hottie so becoming a cam hottie only requires a few easy steps. The qualifications are simple and direct. You must be:

• Attractive
• Between 18 and 55 years of age
• In possession of a valid government issued photo ID as proof of your age
• Comfortable in front of a camera or webcam
• Open minded
• Able to share your winning personality by talking and interacting with people

Read the list again because you probably don’t believe how easy it is to qualify as a webcam hottie. No college degree is required. You do not have to attend lengthy training sessions. You will not be required to wear a uniform or any special kind of clothing. For that matter, the fewer articles of clothing you are wearing as a sexy hottie for your fans, the more money you’ll potentially make.

Live Sex Cam Be Part Of The Team As A Live Sex Cam Hottie

If you are considering a career as a cam hottie you will undoubtedly want to know the reputation of who you work for. is owned and operated by WaveSide Entertainment, a premier agency in the field of webcam hotties and Internet webcam modeling. We have been in the adult entertainment business long enough to know some of the questions and concerns you may have and, we are able to provide an answer for each of them.

• You never have to leave the privacy of your own home – zero travel expenses to be an Internet webcam model.
• You set your own work hours. Of course, the more often you are performing as a sexy hottie, the greater chance you have of earning big money.
• You work on commission. You’ll be given several options on how you want to receive, your percentage of earnings you make as a webcam hottie. Any and all information you give us is kept strictly confidential.
• We take care of all your advertising needs and all requirements needed to provide you with an ongoing live video stream, to the world. Just log onto your computer using your high speed Internet, turn on your webcam, and perform.

We have gone out of our way to protect your anonymity and no one will have access to any of your personal information except our team that processes payouts for our sexy hotties. If there ever comes a time when you are wary of a client for any reason, just contact us and we will have our security people on it immediately. We have the ability, through our top notch technology department, to block users, groups of users and even to limit areas and countries where you are viewed. We’ve seen it all and we have developed strategies to make all of our cam hotties feel safe and 100% secure.

One last bit of housekeeping - in order to qualify as a webcam hottie you’ll need a computer or laptop, reliable high speed wired Internet connection and a clear functioning webcam. We can advise you about the equipment needed to be a webcam hottie if you are not sure that yours is acceptable.

And, believe it or not, those are all the details! All that’s left is you and your commitment to earning more money than you have ever earned before in an industry that is growing by leaps and bounds on a daily basis – cam hotties. Are you ready to have fun and make some money?

The performance requirements for being a sexy hottie are actually quite simple. You can start webcam sessions with as few clothes on or as many clothes on as you like. During your sessions you will likely be expected to disrobe – that’s what your clients expect and that’s why they keep coming back. In addition, you will be asked to perform without hiding your face from the camera. Qualified webcam hotties can say as much with their eyes and facial expressions as they can with other parts of their anatomy. Be a performer. Be a show off. Be your best and your bank deposits will potentially reflect your flair, talent and commitment to the job.

Web Cam Sex Web Cam Sex Is Safe And Secure

This has you thinking right? Ready to take the plunge? What do you have to lose? Since you are reading this web page, you already found our website - that means you are half way there. Click on the link for Adult Modeling Guide and read through it carefully. It will answer any questions you still may have. Then, take the final step and complete the Adult Webcam Application. Once you have that completed, simply submit it and we will contact you after your webcam model application is reviewed by our processing team. In the meantime, get a few pictures of you at your finest and sexiest to be added on your profile, once your webcam hotties application is approved and before you know it, you too, will be a sexy cam hottie.

One final consideration if you are still having doubts. Point your browser to a webcam hottie site. There are plenty of them on the Internet although you will quickly see that websites that are part of WaveSide Entertainment network are by far the most professional and most sought after adult modeling agency to work with. Here’s what you should do. Take a look at some of the performers. Don’t pay for anything; the free views will be enough for this experiment. Do these girls look unhappy? Do they look like they aren’t having a good time? On the contrary… the webcam models working with our network are having a great time streaming live and all of their clients are having a blast as well. Don’t waste another second getting your application complete and your mind-set in the right place for this new, profitable, and exciting career you are about to embark upon. Become a cam hottie today.

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